How Solar PV Works

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Ever wondered how solar energy works?

Solar panels (photovoltaic) are made up of light sensitive modules that are formed of semi-conductor materials such as silicone. The solar panels create electricity from light which means that electricity is created on both cloudy and sunny days.

When the suns rays hit these smaller cells on the photovoltaic panel the energy is then transferred to a silicon semiconductor these photons are then turned into electricity, which then runs into connecting wires then this electricity enters into a power generator system.

What happens next? – What is an inverter?

The generated electric is passed into the inverter; the brain of a PV system. It is a very complex and sophisticated piece of technology and a modern inverters now run at around 97% efficiency.

What it does: The inverter converts DC (direct current) electricity drawn from the solar panel into regulated AC (alternating current) electricity that is exportable to the national grid.

Our Guarantee: Icarus Solar Power uses the latest system design technology to match the components of your system. We are not tied to any particular brand and take pride in the knowledge that we supply the best possible system to suit your budget and dwelling.


Your installation will be booked on date that best suits your availability. As we don?t want to rush you, we allow at least a seven day period before confirmation of order to the installation date, in case you decide that solar panels are not the option for you.

A solar energy system installation will typically take one to two days to complete and will only take longer on large scale or spectacularly bespoke designs. The installation will be carried out by our own fully qualified electricians and engineers, all compatible under the MCS requirements; there will be no use of subcontractors in any circumstances.

Therefore, by using our own engineers, we will ensure that all installation services will have your property’s interest at heart; neatness, cleanliness and efficiency. We understand that your home is your pride and will ensure that any design is befitting to your home and will be aesthetically pleasing.

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