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LED lighting DesignAt Icarus Electrical we are committed to keeping up with the latest technology. Energy efficient lighting is becoming the norm and we are increasingly being asked to install LED lighting. Icarus Electrical have a wealth of experience in both commercial and domestic lighting and can assist you throughout the design process.

LED lighting DesignElectric lighting burns up to 25% of the average home energy budget and 30% of an average commercial energy budget. By investing in ultra efficient LED lighting now, you will help protect yourself and your business against the inevitable rises in energy costs that will be sure to come in the near future. The initial cost is now becoming less of an issue and today there is a vast array of LED light bulbs available for use in both the home and office.


LED lighting DesignLED bulbs use up to 90% less energy than traditional bulbs.

LED lighting DesignThe average lifespan of a LED is 25,000 hours.

LED lighting DesignLEDs do not have filament so are not damaged as easily as a regular incandescent bulb.


LED Lighting Design

What is just as important as the efficiency of your lighting, is the luminosity of the bulbs you use. While it is fantastic to be able to cut down on bills and do your bit for the environment, a lot of concerns start entering about the brightness of Eco efficient bulbs. However, LED lights aren’t like the old eco friendly bulbs that took time to warm up, LEDs are so efficient that they can save energy whilst giving off the same if not more levels of light than traditional bulbs.

However, it’s still important for the bulbs to be positioned correctly to get the optimum amount of light throughout your kitchen or space. That’s why we offer a lighting design services complete from paper to installation. This means that every corner of your area will be lit to perfection and you’ll not have to worry about any dark spots.

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