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The Dangers Of DIY Electrical Jobs

Electrical Services BrightonWe do love our home improvements in the UK. With the accessibility of huge DIY superstores and the desire to cut corners and save money, Do It Yourself is a popular pastime.
You may consider yourself a dab hand with a paintbrush and an accomplished handyman but when it comes to the wiring and electrics, leave it to a qualified professional.
Electrics in your home are dangerous and, if dealt with wrongly, can be a fire or shock hazard. If you need the services of an electrician, then now is not the time to be trying to save money. DIY electrical repairs could end up costing you more than expensive repair bills. Here’s a look at some of the common dangers associated with DIY electrical jobs.


Old Wiring

If your property is more than 25 years old, there’s a chance the wiring is out of date. Old wiring is a high fire risk. It can’t keep up with modern day demands of chargers, usb portals, games consoles and sound systems. If you can’t run your washing machine, coffee machine, TV and computer at the same time without a circuit blowing, your wiring system is probably overloaded and you’ll need to call in a qualified electrician.
Many property owners make the mistake of trying to bind exposed, flexed wiring with ducting tape. It’s like putting a band aid on a compound fracture and will only lead to more trouble.


Light Fittings

Electrical Services BrightonInstalling a new light fitting may seem like a simple job but if you fit the wrong fixture, your wiring system can’t cope with higher wattages. Another mistake is fitting the wrong wattage bulb for the fixture. The bulb will overheat and can melt the socket, shatter or even burst into flames.


Electrical Wires

There are different kinds of electrical wires and each one has a specific purpose. Using the wrong type of wire during your DIY jobs can result in short circuiting and possible fire.



Electrical Services BrightonMany people assume that a larger fuse is better as it will be able to handle higher currents. The wrong fuse or loosely fitted fuses can cause circuits to overheat and catch fire.



A mild electric shock is not pleasant. At the very least you could suffer severe burns. But a high voltage shock can kill you. Then anyone who touches you, if the current is still on, will also be shocked.
Leave your electrics to a qualified professional. For more information on our range of electrical services Brighton, contact Icarus Electrical today.

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