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Electrical Fire Safety In The Home

Electrical fires are a common occurrence in UK homes. In this modern age of high technology, we are using more electricity than ever before. Just think how many adaptors for smartphones, tablets and lap tops you have and how many appliances we leave in continuous standby mode.

Electricity is essential for a smooth running household, however, many of us don’t understand how dangerous it can be.

Electrical Contractors East SussexMis-use, poor maintenance and age can increase the risk of shock injuries or an electrical fire.

Here are some things you should check to help prevent the risk of an electrical fire in your home.

Condition Of Wiring

When moving into or renovating an older property have the condition of the wiring checked by a qualified electrical contractor. All electrical wiring and fixtures pre-1960s such as cables covered in rubber black insulation and light switches inside the bathroom should be replaced.

All wiring is insulated to protect live wires from contact with water, inflammables and human touch. However, wires can be damaged if cut by vacuum cleaners, garden trimmers, electric lawnmowers or hand held kitchen appliances. It’s not enough to tape them; damaged cables should be replaced.

Water Safety

Keep all electrical appliances away from water. Water is a powerful conductor of electricity and can cause injury and death. Store a multi-purpose fire extinguisher in the case of an electrical fire. Never try and extinguish an electrical fire with water.


Avoid overloading sockets. High current appliances such as kettles and irons should be plugged into a single socket. If a socket has burn marks or feels hot to touch, do not use it and  call a qualified electrical contractor to inspect it.


Never use the wrong amp bulb for your light fixtures, even table lamps. Down lighters are fashionable and discreet but they can be a fire hazard if incorrectly installed. Ensure that you choose the correct amp bulbs for your down lights and always call in a qualified electrician to install them.

Electric Blankets

Electric blankets can be dangerous if not used and stored correctly. Never fold an electric blanket, roll it instead to prevent damaging the internal wires. Only leave a blanket on overnight if it has a thermostat and is specifically designed for the purpose. Never switch on a blanket that is damp.

Icarus Electrical Contractors East Sussex are NICEIC accredited electrical contractors serving the Eastbourne, Brighton and Sussex areas. We offer electrical installation and inspection services to ensure your home is safe from the risk of electrical fires. Contact us today for more information.

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