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Audio Visual Engineers

As electricians, Icarus Electrical are also Audio Visual engineers and specialise in the installation of mid to high end audio and visual devices.

Audio Visual EngineersThe current technology of today means that we are installing more and more single and multi room hardwired or wireless audio and visual systems.

AV has a very broad spectrum and can range from wiring a simple 5.1 surround sound system to a complete custom designed multiroom AV system. We keep up to date on the latest technology and are happy to work closely with you to create all your AV desires.


What is Multiroom AV (Audio & Video)?

Audio Visual EngineersMultiroom AV or distributed AV systems simplify entertainment in the home by centralising the entertainment sources and then configuring it so anyone can access them as they are needed in different areas/rooms.

Whether it’s your cable box, digital video recorder (DVRs), DVD player, CD player or iPod we can connect them together and create access to each component from controls placed in your desired locations. A keypad can be located in each entertainment area to access the system.

Audio Visual EngineersInstalling a centralised AV system can significantly save you money on equipment costs because the same equipment is being accessed from each location.

As well controlling TV and movies you can also access high quality audio. Audio can be located in any area you choose, for instance we can install audio outside or in a bathroom!


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